2022 Fashion Trends- Timeless or Time To Go?

2022 Fashion Trends- Timeless or Time To Go?

   Starting off strong with a denim, the Straight Leg style, to me these are timeless. Jeans are probably the most staple a piece of clothing can get, and so much goes into them. You have to look for style, fit, comfortability, color, wash and a million other things just for one pair of staple jeans. the Straight Legstyle has done it for me. They’re super flattering, they’re long (which I can appreciate being as tall as I am), and I think they go with everything, boots, sneakers, sandals, or tank tops, sweaters and tees, literally anything.


   We have trousers, I have a hard time with this one, between the vote of timeless and trendy, I gave them trendy, but with hesitation. They’re in right now and look incredible, but the business casual fads change all the time and I see them being replaced with the next super in pants. Plaid pants were all the rage a few years ago, and tho they still make an appearance here and there, neither are timeless to me.


   The Corset, now this one outdid itself, although it is still a trend in my eyes, but a memorable one. The corset style looked good on every body type, it flattered or dare i say flattened, everyone! This was definitely more of a dressier, more elegant-grunge style but it was done so many times in so many ways so its a win in my book.

   Leather is so much more than fashion, its furniture, its in your car, its a “the possibilities are endless” kind of material. And since me and you have been alive, so has leather, therefore without a blink leather is timeless. Now with leather been done a million times in a million ways people are still finding ways to modernize, uplift and create with it, keeping it a forever staple/timeless trend.

   Ill pick comfort over cute any day (sorry Tessa) but when you can make comfort cute you have my attention all day, girl. Silk/satin is such a nice material, it looks so chic, we’ve done pajamas, pillow cases, trousers, you name it. Such an elegant feel to an outfit and is so girly ugh I’m obsessed.

   JUMPSUITS! Okay… nothing better than only having to pick out  ONE clothing item and a pair of shoes and you’re done. If I tell you my max time spent trying to find an outfit for something, you would fall out of your chair.. stay seated y’all jumpsuits are a lifesaver. Dress them up or down, so many materials, specifically the denim one we have done a few times with some boots and you’re best dressed. Timeless.

  Poof sleeve definitely made an appearance this year, to say the least. I see it as a trend, personally and not one I’m disappointed to see go. This is another one of those super girly trends, and girly girls did it with these 100%, but I see these staying at trend ranking and not following us into the new year. Poof!

    There is nothing better than staple pieces if you can’t tell *take a shot every time I’ve mentioned staple piece in this post*. Specifically a dress in this particular case, babydoll dresses have been around for a while now and haven’t seemed to die down, not mad about it tho, they’re cute and easy and so versatile, love.

   Ending with final timeless piece I bring to you the mini skirt, these are a must (is it obviously I’m trying to steer away from the word ‘staple’?) They go with anything, dress an outfit up, or dress the skirt down. Perfectly paired with any shoe. Mini skirts can stay.











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